My new toy

It just keeps getting better. Here is my new Pocket CHIP, a [large] pocket sized Linux SoC PC with exposed GPIU pins and a 5 hour battery. Basically a Raspberry Pi 1 with built in wifi and Bluetooth. It is … fantastic. Can’t put it down.



it’s on the Apple App Store at last. It failed first time due to the iPad version looking a bit rough. So I only released the iPhone version and it got through.

However my it appears if you download it on the iPad you still get the previous layout. I may fix this and also fix an issue where the icon says “number game”.

But it’s out there. Download it for free and see. It’s a good game designed by my 7 year old son and written by me in one hour.

Oh Look what arrived today …

 There goes my day.

In truth I can feel the novelty wearing off already. It is nice tech but there is no killer app. Problem is a watch is  good for an occasional glance – so ok for time and notifications – but not much else. To do anything requires two hands. One for the watch and another for the control button. Suddenly smartphones seem so much better.

Still it is a good customisable watch which vibrates for alerts and alarms and is waterproof. Perhaps a swimming app?

iOS App

im developing a number of iOS apps whilst learning iOS on the hoof. Whilst doing this I managed to knock up a groovy number game for The Nipper in one hour. Fun enough to play on my own and the nipper plus friends like it.

I’ll put it on the App Store for free when I work out how.


Over the years network speed has gradually increased from 10Mbps then 100Mbps to the current 1Gbps. Now most people wouldn’t notice as their wifi and Internet is about 10Mbps. But using net backups on a 1TB hard disk changes all that. 

Previously I backed up locally on to a USB disc. This takes s couple of hours but gets there. However my current powerline network solution runs at a shitty 30Mbps meaning s backup will be round 11hours min.

Meanwhile I’ve discovered my MacBookPro does 975Mbps over wifi! Go figure.