Over the years network speed has gradually increased from 10Mbps then 100Mbps to the current 1Gbps. Now most people wouldn’t notice as their wifi and Internet is about 10Mbps. But using net backups on a 1TB hard disk changes all that. 

Previously I backed up locally on to a USB disc. This takes s couple of hours but gets there. However my current powerline network solution runs at a shitty 30Mbps meaning s backup will be round 11hours min.

Meanwhile I’ve discovered my MacBookPro does 975Mbps over wifi! Go figure.


Robot TheologanĀ 

Yes you read correctly. The shortest sentence in the King James Version is well known. 

John 11:35 Jesus wept.

But what is the most common phrase? Did you know omnipotent only occurs once (Revelations). 

Yes I’ve been merrily dissecting the KJV Bible, building trees of phrases. Why? I’m not sure. I may write a Marcov Jigsaw phrase generator. I reckon I will be able to pump out biblical sounding phrases on demand.

For the moment I’ve been looking at how common phrases occur. Patterns?  Can I guess grammar from statistical analysis alone?

Too much time on my hands.