Well the links to the cross compiler are all dead and it isn’t clear how you can just download one. I have one at work but it was built VERY slowly from source. I think I might need to do this again.



So, I’ve been working with ARM embedded systems for more than a year now and I’ve still not had much of a chance to play with the very low lever boot strapping system. I’m familiar with using u-boot but I’ve never compiled it and installed it unaided. I thin kit is time I learned how. So this morning I have a free hour and I’m going to learn how to build u-boot and this down-loader’s down-loader MLO. I’m going to do this on my Beagebone Black. If it works there then surely I can do it on other platforms. Maybe I can hack it and improve upon it.

I can tell you are thrilled. Watch this space and I’ll report back.