Nokia 5110 LCD, meet PicNDuino

Finally got the PIC18F25K20 on my PicNduino talking to a Nokia 5110 LCD which was given to me by a kind friend. I was determined to to bit bash the code and to use hardware SPI. This I have at last achieved.

The delay has been mostly due to digging through the Internet for proper PIC documentation. I’m not quite sure how they stay in business with such large amounts of poor docco that is so poorly linked to others. I feel the need for tutorials and generally clearing things up. Still they are way ahead of Texas Instruments who seem to drown in formal catalogued documentation that makes little clear.

Anyway, so I now know how to managed i2c and SPI plus LCD displays and thermistors and IR remote controls. I can do all this across Raspberry Pi, PiC and Arduino. I should be able to add TI’s micro-controllers to that soon.

The question now is what to do with it all? I might try blowing a stand alone PIC to do something. If that works then I might make a gizmo for my exercise bike that reads the sensors and outputs more intelligent data than the current computer display.

All baby steps so far but I’m getting there finally.


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