Well I’ve canned my idea for a Bluetooth LE to iRRC bridge on the grounds that someone appears to have done this commercially already with a pretty polished product including mobile apps.

Not a massive surprise but a bit of a disappointment all the same. I guess I worked out how to at least read and decode a signal from a Panasonic remote control. So no more buttons for me. Micro-controllers a from now on will be remote control only.

So my next project is to get my Nokia LCD display to run from my PIC micro-controller using SPI. This has been on hold this week as I sort out some business activity which has taken precedence. I’ve learned a lot in the last mon but I still need to up the stakes if I am to make a commercial go of this. Python appears to be a much more useful tool than I initially gave it credit for, so I’m brushing up on that somewhat. Generally I’m done formulating what core skills I need to hone and now need to get down to actually doing the honing. Hence things being a bit quiet for a while.

I’m thinking now that wifi control is probably more valuable than Bluetooth. It uses more power but is more ubiquitous. Plus it will give me Internet access. Being able to log data remotely could be. Dry valuable indeed.


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