Remote Control

I’ve been working on a complex Arduino project. The intention is to build a system that will record and emulate all the remote controls in the house, TV, DVD, radio, PVR, etc.

Initially I bought an iR diode and LED off t’Internet but it looks like decoding the receiver signal is a little more complex. However, it also appears devices tend to use a phototransistor-receiver rather than a diode. These receivers appear the same but have some tricks inside to amplify and filter the signal appropriately. I bought one off eBay for about £1 and it came with an Arduino library for lots of common remotes. All but Panasonic. A Panasonic routine was available but worked with neither of my remotes.

So I spent a few days staring at the output and trawling Google until tonight. I found an XML file online that showed 6 bytes of data encoded into 100 bits. A bit of a code adjustment and bingo! It works!

So tomorrow I’ll edit the transmitter and we’re good to go. After that it will all be about button presses and control.


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