A Little Progress

I’ve been playing with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi trying to get i2c working between them. The difference between 3.3v and 5v logic levels may be why so far I’ve had no success. So today I soldered some header pins onto the PICnDuino and connected that to the Arduino instead. Both operate at 5v so that ruled that problem out.

Anyway, initially no luck until I joined the ground pins together, then a lovely blinking light appeared at the end of the tunnel. Result! If I can transfer this success to the Pi then I’ll be well chuffed. However I’m not sure a two-way serial cable will work through my level converter board, which uses a couple of resistors for one direction and a transistor going the other. I’ll keep at it.



New Toy

Package arrived yesterday. All the way from Australia. Well, China actually, but it’s content was purchased from an Australian’s Kickstart project. Let me introduce you to my shiny new PCnDuino. It’s a PIC micro controller on one side and an Arduino Nano clone on the other. All this for about AU$20.

It’s pretty groovy. Both micro controllers run in parallel, though only one connects to the USB at a time. But I guess you can link the, together and share comms. Not sure what I’ll use it for yet but it’s a very handy self education tool.