I managed to wangle a free ticket to a talk given by the Raspberry Pi Foundation at Broadcom’s Cambridge Science Park office. Though this is but 100yards from my own place of work I had to bike in from home as I was on a day off.

I’d rather hoped to do the entire iPad thing and live Tweeted the even whilst blogging, but it didn’t quite work out that way. There were interesting presentations given by Lang, Bishop, Upton and Gert van Loo., and a lot of enthusiastic energy in the room.

Talking to some people there I’d have said though most were from Wireless technology companies, they were there due to personal [domestic] interest. That said three firms have short presentations on quite commercial applications using Raspberry Pi. I wasn’t convinced they really needed a Pi for their tasks but it did provide an adequately cheap capable platform.

I wanted a minute to chat to Gert van Loo at the end concerning his interface board but he was with someone one moment and swamped so much later on that even standing on a chair I couldn’t see the hardware. Ho hum.

Came home much encouraged by my own level of knowledge. Time to start building something.


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