Hair Cut

I’m at the barbers behind a long queue. Thank God for free wifi. Then again it may have been easy to
Ask for the password in Mr Politos, but in John Lewis they demanded my email address and mobile number and the right to send me junk mail. I complied to stave off boredom. It access didn’t last long before it forgot who I was and went through the entire procedure again.
Why is public free wifi such a pain? Shirley the idea is to. Ale it available to people easily. Why piss off your customers? The Cloud seems to be the most aptly named wooly service ever. Still, looking a gift horse …
Back to the scalping. I’m in for a #1. I’m aiming to lop off my Jim Broadbent wrap around thinning locks and go for a look that says: honestly I have plenty of hair. It just choose to wear it short.
Thick hair has never been my forte. My hair is fine and was only thick and long at primary school in the 70s where in formed an impenetrable jungle that would not yield to the hack of an unforgiving parent’s comb. I was glad to see the back of it.
I don’t miss the wet after bath shiver. I relish my quick dry scalp. But things are different when I venture out into our post apocalyptic sun. There my pale Pictish skin decays painfully in the radiation. I’m expecting liver stops and lesions in old age. Oh yes, I will look the part if I make 80.
So I’m on for scraping my protective layer off now. 6 ahead of me in the queue. Hence the blogging. Time for my book now( Smut by Alan Benett)


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